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Friendships are simple yet complex. They happen when two people love each other and look out for each other’s best interests. A classic saying goes “No man is an island”. A man without friends is lost.

The Uzommiri study centre understands the need for healthy friendships and so on the 27th of April, a BLOOM activity was held on the matter of Friendship. The activity was anchored by Ms Chika Mba, a highly experienced educator.

She started off by asking the different ladies present to talk briefly on how they met their first friend in the university.

In the course of the seminar, she emphasized on the importance of being loyal to our friends. After all, a friend is one who walks in when the whole world walks out. Being loyal to our friend, according to Ms Chika, meant having their back always; and this includes telling them the truth even when it’s hard to do so. We should, however, do so in private.

Immaculata Ojadi, a final year student of Accountancy asked if it was okay to have more than one close friend. Ms Chika said that it was possible to have many close friends since it is near impossible to find two people who embody the same set of interests. Essentially, no one is a has it all.

Ms Chika also made us understand that being close friends with someone does not necessarily mean being with them all the time.

An example of someone who knew how to maintain many close friends is Guadalupe Ortiz. She was a chemistry teacher. She has been described on several occasions as a great friend. She is going to be beatified on the 18tn of May, 2019. She knew how to maintain wonderful friendships and through them she has left more love on earth.

At the end of Saturday’s activity, we all had come to learn more of the broad and beautiful topic of friendship.