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It is difficult to deny the tension that builds up when the exam timetable is released. College students are well aware that once the exam timetable is out, it becomes hard to focus on anything else.

In the University of Nigeria, exam timetables are out and some people have already started writing their exams. Students have begun to resort to those exam behaviours they are known for.

Students are now going for night classes almost every day of the week, some have given up whatever friends they had (at least for now), some have gone as far as to pack away their cooking stoves since there would be no time for anything else but the exams this period.

The Uzommiri Study Centre organized on May 11th, a seminar to help students learn how to keep healthy and maintain focus during this exam period. In a BLOOM activity anchored by Uchechi, a 300L Nursing student, the ladies gathered were advised on how best to keep healthy in order to come out with optimal results at the end of the semester.

One of the problems tackled was the habit of trying to read everything in one study session. Students were advised to read consistently in small chunks with breaks in between. According to Uchechi, at a point during study, the brain goes into screensaver mode. During this time, one should take small breaks or undergo small exercises like walking around.

Students also have the habit of eating a lot of junk meal because they feel there’s no time to eat proper food. Uchechi, however, advises against that since the body needs to be well nourished to stay on top. And that’s exactly what we students want, for our bodies to stay on top.

Another popular habit is night classes. Students often try to cover a lot of ground studying in night classes. It turns out that after studying for so long at night, they have to make up for missing sleep the following morning. In some cases, it has led students to oversleep, sometimes missing their exam papers entirely or sleeping while writing the exams.

Uchechi went on to give other tips like making sure not to miss breakfast, not staying hungry for long periods, avoiding night classes, also avoiding the habit of taking coffee, and trying to remain calm during exams.

The ladies of BLOOM gathered also shared personal experiences and tips, the prominent one that evening was a tip put forward by Oluchi, a 400L Medicine student. According to her, taking pure green tea or pineapple before studying helps to keep the student focused and awake for an extended period. It turns out that the green tea and pineapple have no side effects and are in fact beneficial to the health.

At the end of the activities, all of us were more enlightened on the subject of keeping healthy during exams. It was not surprising to find some of us gearing up to go and raid the nearby stores of pure green tea and pineapples.