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In Universities all over Nigeria, students are either writing their first semester examinations or preparing for them. As always, the Uzommiri Study Centre has taken steps to ensure that her students – the ladies of BLOOM, come out on top this semester.

On May 4th, a seminar was organized at the study centre. This seminar was properly titled ‘Acing the exams: preparing for exams like a boss.’

It started by 3:15pm and was led by Chinyere Mmiliogu, a graduate of Mathematics from the prestigious University of Benin. She started off by giving general tips for effectively preparing for exams.

One of them was reading consistently and in various sessions. This means that students should run away from the temptation of trying to read everything in one study session. A student ought to have many study sessions with short breaks of 15 to 30 minutes in between. This way, one retains more things than reading them all at once and then crashing in the exam hall.

At the end of this general talk, the students were divided into their different faculties where they had their seniors in their penultimate and final years talk to them more specifically about preparing for exams with respect to their different departments.

At the end of this all informative seminar, all of the students went away ready to ace their exams.